Take an adventure illuminated by the brilliant realm of ultimate truth and beauty.

Commissioned Art

Contact Matthew (Puskar) for portraits, murals, landscapes and more!

Prints and Originals

Order any art piece. Originals (inquire for estimate) or high quality, nonfading, custom print.


“Mesmerizes the viewer, much like staring at a rainbow close up.”
– Moon Magazine

“Fantastical…rich with layer upon layer of symbolism and metaphorical content.”
– Florida Times Union

“Art of a Higher Order”
– Gainesville Sun

“Remarkably detailed symbolic paintings of Hindu themes. Puskar is prolific and talented.”
– NAPRA Review


“From my first days in L.A., seeing those early paintings and doing paintings of my own, I understood that this yoga of devotional service is really practical and is the true means of liberation. Here we are — meditating on the ultimate spiritual reality. What an occupation! That exquisite form of Krishna manifests through us, and we realize the instructions of Bhagavad-gita — engaging our senses, mind, and body and being gradually purified. While other artists go on struggling to come up with newer and newer, more satisfying forms, the devotional artist feels satisfied simply by painting Krishna’s eternally satisfying form and personality.”

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